Welcome to Everything is Connected.

What have been the formative moments in your spiritual development?

If you're like most people, not all of them have taken place in your house of worship.

Maybe your first spiritual guides were your parents, siblings, or your bunk mates at camp.

Maybe you feel connected to something larger than yourself on a hike in the woods... or in a concert hall... or over a glass of wine with old friends.

Maybe it happened when you witnessed a child born into life, or sat by a loved one's bedside until the moment final breath was drawn.

Maybe you were moved to a greater awareness of the mystery and majesty of human life through art or literature, science or technology, through yoga or meditation, or quiet contemplation.

Or maybe you did find transcendence in communal prayer, song, or celebration in a church, synagogue, mosque, or revival tent.... 

Wherever and however we experience them, these extraordinary moments of spiritual clarity teach us that everything is connected.

Consider this 18th century parable from Yechiel Michal of Zlochov, a spiritual master of the Hasidic Jewish tradition:

Two waves are bobbing up and down in the ocean.  Before long one wave observes that they are cresting, a rime of white foam crowning their heads.  The first wave looks down.  The drop has become precipitous.  He feels anxious and quivers from base to peak.  He turns to his companion and says, tears spraying everywhere, “It’s all over!  We’re done for!”  

“Now see, that’s your problem,” says the second wave.  “You think you’re a wave.  You’ve always always been the ocean.”

Welcome to Everything is Connected.